Quantum information lab


Quantum Information

This is a rather new information processing where we employ the laws of quantum mechanics to bring revolutionary development to information processing. Our research topic includes, but not limited to, quantum cryptography, where eavesdropping is impossible in theory, and quantum repeaters which enable long-distance transmission of quantum states. We are not happy with an in theory argument, and we are aiming at developing theories towards the realization of these technologies.

Information Theory

Our aim is to advance the frontiers of information theory and coding. In particular, our approach blends established concepts and methods from the intersection of computer sciences and/or physical sciences, into new analytical/algorithmic tools for modern sensing and communications issues.

Information Network

Recently, security threats in the Internet are increased and diverse, and this is a serious issue in our life. We are working on security enhancement by proposing countermeasures against security threats.

Researchers interested in collaborating with us, and students with enthusiasm to take on a challenge in the new fields, you are most welcome to join/visit our lab.

Staff members

Kiyoshi Tamaki
Tatsuto Murayama
Koji Okino (Visiting collaborator from Information Technoogy Center)

More information is coming soon!